Polki: Uncut diamonds, often used in traditional Indian jewelry.

Jadau: A technique of setting stones in a metal base, often with gold foil between the stones and the base.

Peroi or Puai: Small decorative elements, typically pearls or gemstones, often used in traditional Indian jewelry.

Open setting: A setting where the gemstone is not fully enclosed, allowing light to enter from multiple angles.

Kundan setting: Setting gemstones in a metal base with gold foil backing, often used in Indian jewelry.

Channel setting: Gemstones are set between two metal channels without prongs, creating a smooth surface.

Prong setting: A setting where small metal prongs hold the gemstone in place.

Tikda: A decorative element, often a small pendant or ornament, used in Indian jewelry.

Enamelling: Applying powdered glass to metal and heating it to create a decorative surface.

Zircon: A natural or synthetic gemstone with brilliance and fire similar to diamonds.

Faceted: Gemstones with multiple flat surfaces (facets) to enhance their brilliance and sparkle.

Cabochon: A gemstone that has been polished into a smooth, rounded shape without facets.